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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. Forward-Looking Analysis

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Business Information:

Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc.
Ticker: MIHI
0.623 a/o October 16, 2017
Down -0.017 points or -2.66%

Source: Yahoo Finance

Market Value: $2443419 a/o October 16, 2017
Authorized Shares: 500000000 a/o September 9, 2016
Outstanding Shares: 39235022 a/o July 31, 2017

Source: OTCMarkets

5805 State Bridge Road Suite G-328
Duluth, GA 30097
Phone Number: 1(866)883-3793
Website: http://medicalinnovationholdings.com

Fundamental Analysis:

Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. focuses on establishing a multi-disciplinary medical specialist provider/practice network to serve rural patient population through telemedicine program. Its integrated practice management system provides electronic medical records/electronic health records, patient scheduling, real time insurance verification, billing, video conferencing, and various systems in an end to end technology platform coupled with the components of a telehealth delivery system. The company is based in Duluth, Georgia.

Through our wholly owned subsidiary, 3Point Care, we provide personalized high-tech high-touch telemedicine encounters pairing our virtual health specialty doctors with traditional primary doctors utilizing nextgen virtual health technologies in order to connect a patient with a multi-disciplinary specialty clinical healthcare practice. Through our other companies and relationships we offer Affordable Care Organization (ACO) support, wellness and prevention, lab analysis and lab services, and remote diagnostic monitoring.

Source: Yahoo Finance - Statistics   and   OTCMarkets
https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/MIHI/profile?p=MIHI     and     http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/MIHI/profile

Businesses Management:

Mr. Arturo Sanchez, CEO  & Director
Dr. Christopher J. W. B. Legett, Chief Medical Officer


Market Cap (Intraday):24.41M
Trailing P/E: -27.09
Price/Sales: 0
52-Week Change: -36
52-Week High: 3.99
52-Week Low: 0
50-Day Moving Average: 0.562
200-Day Moving Average: 1.259
Average Volume (3 Month): 25.17k
Average Volume (10 Day): 79.15k

Source: Yahoo Finance - Statistics

Quarterly Report Published on October 4, 2017:

First, let's look at the condensed balance sheet for Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc.. We see that the company has $30692.00 in total assets, $1350630.00 in total liabilities, $1319938.00 in shareholders' deficit, and $30692.00 in total liabilities and shareholders' deficit.

Next, let's look at the condensed statements of operations (income statement). Looking solely at the numbers for the three month period ending on July 31, 2017, we see that the company has $0.00 in revenue. The cost of revenue is at $0.00, thus making the gross $0.00. Now we factor in the operating expenses with total expenses being $179203.00, leaving MIHI with an operating loss of $-179203.00. MIHI also has $170779.00 in other expenses, leaving the company with a net loss of $-349982.00.

Income Statement Analysis:

$0.00                    (Sales, Revenue)
- ($0.00)                    (Cost of Sales)
=$0.00                   (Gross Profit)

$0.00                  (Gross Profit)
- ($179203.00)                   (Other Selling, General, and Administrative Expenses)
=$-179203.00                   (Loss from Operations)

$-179203.00                   (Loss from Operations)
- ($170779.00)                   (Total Other Income/Expenses)
=$-349982.00                    (Net loss)

Income Statement Summary:
-($0.00)           in Cost of Sales
-($179203.00)           in Administrative Expenses
-($170779.00)           in Other Expenses
$-349982.00           in Leftover Revenue

Source: OTCMarkets - Filings

Market Analysis:

The world's major regions are expected to see health care spending increases ranging from 2.4 percent to 7.5 percent between 2015 and 2020. Also, lack of access to basic health care services and variations in care quality are persistent problems in many of the world's regions.

Source: Deloitte


Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc., a company that was the first to focus on providing specialty telemedicine/telehealth services to patients in rural underserved areas, today announced that the Company CEO was a guest on the nationally syndicated The Big Show on Monday 14, 2017.

Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. today announces the appointment of Kevin Swint to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective immediately. With more than 25 years of experience in operations and senior leadership experience in the health and wellness industry, Swint is a natural fit for MIHI's mission to provide specialty telemedicine/telehealth services to patients in rural underserved areas.

Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. today announces the launch of Telemedicos USA, a Spanish-Language health care platform positioned to address the needs of the 58 million Hispanics in the United States.

Source: Marketwired & PR Newswire

Technical Analysis:

In a timescale of 3 years, MIHI has spent most of its time between the 0.8121 and 0.499 region with some significant spikes along the way. The stock increased on 9/12/2016 from a pps (price per share) of ~0.0551 to ~3.12 on 3/20/2017. The stock stayed around this level until it decreased from 2.8095 on 4/24/2017, to 0.566 on 6/19/2017. After this change, the stock had a relative high of 3.12 on 3/20/201. Currently, the stock price is climbing1 to a price of 0.623 on October 16, 2017.

Looking at resistance lines (a price where the stock has trouble pushing above/below), we see 0.7095 being the next point of resistance. From here, 0.7813 will likely be the next point of resistance. On the downside, the lower resistance line is at 0.5131. The current Bollinger Bands show a range between 0.4918 and 0.6835. Current RSI (or Relative Strength Index) is at 53.42 or overbought. Also, I see that selling volume is currently overtaking buying volume.

Source: TDAmeritrades ThinkorSwim Platform

Social Analysis:

For social analysis, we look at what investors are posting about the stock on sites like IHUB and Yahoo Money. Many different people are discussing the stock on this board currently. The message board seems active in that multiple people are posting frequently in the forums section. 7 people currently have MIHI added to their My Stocks tab. Currently, the community sentiment is bullish. We would rate this as a plus for the stock!

Source: InvestorHub

Stock Ranking (BETA):


3 Year Stock Direction is Positive
1 Year Stock Direction is Positive
1 Week Stock Direction is Positive
Actively Being Traded
Listed as Verified
Currently Trading on the OTCPink Sheets
Marked as Having Current Information
Has a Reasonable Number of Outstanding Shares
Actively Giving Press Releases To Its Investors
The Quarterly Report For Last Quarter Is Currently Available
The Last 4 Quarterly Reports Are Currently Available
The Annual Quarterly Report Is Currently Available
The Companies Forum Is Active
Many Investors Are Posting About The Stock Daily
Current Community Sentiment Towards The Stock is Positive


3 Month Stock Direction is Negative
1 Week Stock Direction is Negative
Not Operating Profitable
No Growth Over The Last 3 Months
No Growth Over The Last 12 Months


1 Month Stock Direction is Constant
The Company Is Neither Buying Up Nor Diluting Their Shares
The Company Is Not Currently In The Process Of Any Form Of Merger That We Know Of
The Company is Not Currently Giving Out Dividends

Stock Ranking: C Rank

Forward-Looking Analysis:

Medical Innovation Holdings, Inc. currently has their financial information available to their investors as well as supplying them with recent press releases as to what the company is currently doing. The financial statement shows that the company has nothing in revenue and has been running at a loss for a while. This should be a concern to investors. Looking at the companies’ technical, the company seems to be pretty consolidated at the moment by staying between the 0.7022 range and the 0.4900 range for a while. Considering the nature of consolidation, good news could cause a move higher where poor move will trigger a move lower. Considering that the stock has been bouncing between that range, it might be possible to flip the company for a nice profit. It also might be possible to long the company until it goes back up to the dollar range. My concern though would be that the company currently isn't showing anything under revenue. If the company maybe had something to show for revenue, this would definitely add more security to your investment. This is definitely a stock to watch!

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