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Sunday, October 15, 2017

U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation Inc. Forward-Looking Analysis

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Business Information:

U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation Inc.
Ticker: USEI
0.0008  a/o  October 13, 2017
UP 0.0002 points or 33.33%

Source: Yahoo Finance

Market Value: $2104631 a/o October 13, 2017
Authorized Shares: 4945000000 a/o May 15, 2017
Outstanding Shares: 2630788915 a/o May 15, 2017

Source: OTCMarkets

18723 Via Princessa Suite #341
Santa Clarita, California 91387
Phone Number: 1(866)411-8018
Website: http://www.usenergyinit.com

Fundamental Analysis:

U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation Inc., together with its subsidiaries, market topical ointments, cannabis oils, tinctures, and vapor pens and accessories. The company was formerly known as Hybrid Fuel Systems, Inc. and changed its name to U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation Inc. in June 2006. U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation Inc. was founded in 1996 and is based in Santa Clarita, California.

They have their Ultimate Cure & McCoy Genuine Products which include their vapor pens and accessories, topical ointments, cannabis oils and tinctures all under these same names. They note that they are currently working to obtain the ability to produce their own products, own their own recreational dispensary, and grow their own cannabis.

Source: Yahoo Finance & OTCMarkets
https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/USEI/profile?p=USEI    and    http://otcmarkets.com/stock/USEI/profile

Businesses Management:

Anthony K. Miller, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Harrison A. McCoy III, CTO


Market Cap (Intraday):2.1M
Trailing P/E: -0.8
Price/Sales: 84.19
52-Week Change: 50
52-Week High: 0.0017
52-Week Low: 0
50-Day Moving Average: 0.0007
200-Day Moving Average: 0.0005
Average Volume (3 Month): 19.3M
Average Volume (10 Day): 6.53M

Source: Yahoo Finance - Statistics

Quarterly Report Published on July 20, 2017:

First, let's look at the condensed balance sheet for U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation Inc. We see that the company has $6038009.000000 in total assets, $1176593.000000 in total liabilities, $4861416.000000 in shareholders' deficit, and $6038009.000000 in total liabilities and shareholders' deficit.

Next, let's look at the condensed statements of operations (income statement). Looking solely at the numbers for the three month period ending on June 30, 2016, we see that the company has $0.00 in revenue. The cost of revenue is at $0.00, thus making the gross $0.00. Now we factor in the operating expenses with total expenses being $35000.00, leaving USEI with an operating loss of $-35000.00. USEI also has $877.00 in other expenses, leaving the company with a net loss of $-35877.00.

Income Statement Analysis:
$0.00                     (Sales, Revenue)
- ($0.00)                  (Cost of Sales)
=$0.00                    (Gross Profit)

$0.00                        (Gross Profit)
- ($35000.00)           (Other Selling, General, and Administrative Expenses)
=$-35000.00            (Loss from Operations)

$-35000.00                 (Loss from Operations)
-($877.00)                   (Total Other Income/Expenses)
=$-35877.00               (Net loss)

Income Statement Summary:
- ($0.00)                   in Cost of Sales
- ($35000.00)          in Administrative Expenses
- ($877.00)               in Other Expenses
$-35877.00              in Leftover Revenue

Source: OTCMarkets

Market Analysis:

There is an expected increase of $7.1 Billion in the legal U.S. Marijuana Industry (both medical and recreational). Also, the amount of recreational and medical marijuana sales in Colorado in 2016 alone is at $1.3 Billion. The estimated size of the 2016 hemp market, including CBD products, foods, and personal care products comes to a total of $688 Million.

Source: Medical Marijuana, Inc. Home


USEI Cannabis Initiatives Corp is pleased to announce that it has begun growing cannabis in Southern California, thus completing one of the goals that they hoped to accomplish this year. They also noted that California would become the most significant legal cannabis market in the world, with an estimated demand of $6.8 billion.

USEI Cannabis Initiatives Corp is pleased to announce that it has gained the ability to grow cannabis in Southern California, thus completing one of their goals that they have been hoping to accomplish this year.

Source: Marketwired

Technical Analysis:

In a timescale of 3 years, USEI has spent most of its time between the 0.001 and 0.0005 region with some significant spikes along the way. The stock increased on 8/9/17 from a pps (price per share) of ~0.0003 to ~0.0008 on 8/10/17. The stock stayed around this level until it decreased from 0.0008 on 8/10/17, to 0.0005 on 8/11/2017. After this change, the stock had a relative high of 0.001 on 9/13/2017. Currently, the stock price is climbing1 to a price of 0.0008 on 10/15/2017.

Looking at resistance lines (a price where the stock has trouble pushing above/below), we see 0.0009 being the next point of resistance. From here, 0.001 will likely be the next point of resistance. On the downside, the lower resistance line is at 0.0006. The current Bollinger Bands show a range between 0.0006 and 0.0008. Current RSI (or Relative Strength Index) is at 57.2956 or overbought. Also, I see that buying volume is currently overtaking selling volume.

Source: TDAmeritrade ThinkorSwim Platform

Social Analysis:

For social analysis, we look at what investors are posting about the stock on sites like IHUB and Yahoo Money. Many different people are discussing the stock on this board currently. The message board seems active in that multiple people are frequently posting in the forums section. 280 people now have USEI added to their My Stocks tab. Now, the community sentiment is bullish. We would rate this as a plus for the stock!

Source: InvestorHub

Stock Ranking (BETA):


3 Year Stock Direction is Positive
1 Year Stock Direction is Positive
3 Month Stock Direction is Positive
Actively Being Traded
Listed as Verified
Currently Trading on the OTCPink Sheets
Marked as Having Current Information
Actively Giving Press Releases To Its Investors
The Quarterly Report For Last Quarter Is Currently Available
The Last 4 Quarterly Reports Are Currently Available
The Annual Quarterly Report Is Currently Available
Many Investors Are Posting About the Stock Daily
280 People Have This Stock Added To Their My Stocks Tab On IHUB
Current Community Sentiment towards the Stock is Positive


Large (Unreasonable) Number of Outstanding Shares
Not Operating Profitable
No Growth over the Last 3 Months
No Growth over the Last 12 Months
The Companies IHUB Forum Is Currently Not Very Active


1 Month Stock Direction is Constant
1 Week Stock Direction is Constant
The Company Is neither Buying Up nor Diluting Their Shares
The Company Is Not Currently In The Process Of Any Form of Merger That We Know Of
The Company is Not Currently Giving out Dividends

Stock Ranking: C Rank

Forward-Looking Analysis:

U.S. Energy Initiatives Corporation, Inc. is actively trading on the OTCPink Market. The company is actively releasing Press Releases for Investors as well as releasing their quarterly reports. The number of authorized shares, as well as outstanding shares, is currently unreasonably high. Using technical analysis on the stock, I see that the company has been increasing recently while being reasonably consolidated. It is expected that this stock will continue its value growth into the coming months. One thing worth noting is that the company is currently not bringing in any revenue. This is, of course, a big concern for investors, though one that many investors are willing to take the risk for in pennyland. Because the company has gained the ability to create their own Cannabis, the company has the vital component that they need to restart their line of products and reenter the Cannabis Market. If they can return to the market, the value of this company will increase. The spike in price though will be held down though by the high number of outstanding shares. All in all, this is a stock to watch!

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